Hencolin founded in Jan. 1990.

Missions & Objectives

● One-stop service: company with social-conscious to improve the air and environmental quality.
● Technical support to improve customer's efficiency.
● Flexible: custom made to meet customers' needs.
● Price guarantee & in time delivery: offer customers competitive prices as well as the best service.
Business Scopes
● Manufactures of all series of air filters and related products.
● Product Applications : Semiconductor Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Heavy Industry, Chemical Industry、
                                             Cement Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Food Stuff Industry,  Precise Industry、
                                             Electronics Industry, Hospitals, Research Industry and Spray Paint Industry。
Hencolin serves the growing list of major customers. All are listed in Taiwan stock. 
Exchanges and some are listed in NYSE/NASD too.

 ■ Formosa Plastics Corporation, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation.
 ■ Yieh Group.
 ■ SYSCO Group World.
 ■ Yageo Co., Ltd.
 ■ Kenmos Technology  Co.,Ltd ; TYC  Brother  Industrial  Co.,Ltd.
 ■ China Steel Corporation
 ■ Tong Yang Group
 ■ Wus Printed Circuit Co., Ltd.
 ■ ASE Group
    ■ Chipmos Technology Inc.
 ■ Hitachi Technology Ltd.
 ■ Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp., Chi Mei Electronics Corp.
 ■ Philips, Kaohsiung
 ■ Orient Semiconductor Electronics Ltd.
 ■ National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
 ■ Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital  
 ■ Corning Display Technologies Taiwan Co. Ltd., TSIP  Beanch.


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